luni, 5 decembrie 2011

Haven't posed something in a long time

Haven't posed something in a long time.I guess I could start posting more from now on .
Let's fill in the time gap:
1.School was miserable.
2.I have been to Hungary while having Otitis so I spent most of my time in the hotel room in pain.My dad erased all my pictures from there by mistake so I lost a lot of interesting pictures.
3.More miserable school time and exams...
4.The night of the museums was stupid. Half of Bucharest was out because you could visit the museums for free.All I wanted to do was visit them at night and the normal program is from 10 to 16.

I only managed to visit a geological museum and take these pictures because it was so crowded.Oh and I found this funny statue:
Why was it funny?
That's why!
5.More school miseries.
6.A nice thing for a change.I went to Bulgaria.It was splendid there.We staid at the  Gurko hotell on Gurko street.

This is the history of the street =3

I had fun there I drank funny stuff and visited an art museum.I found some interesting places and took a lot of pictures.

7.More exams and finished school in tears.
8.I was reunited with my Mina!She contacted me and we met on the 1st of December.
I'm happy.

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